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Basic Information 

Q: Where is Bhogah Yoga located?

A: Bhogah Yoga studio classes are held through Connecticut. Wallingford.

Q: Is the studio handicap and wheel chair accessible?

A: Most are handicap accessible accept at Kaia Yoga Wallingford.

Q: What do I wear to yoga?

A: Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that you can easily move in.

Q: Do you offer child care?

A: We are a family friendly studio. We do not offer child care but have options for your kids. Kids yoga is an option for your child while you take an adult yoga class. If your young child (tween or teen) is able to sit and wait for you while reading a book, doing homework or using a device with headphones, we do allow this. We ask they do not interrupt class and trust your judgement if this is a good choice for your child. We reserve the right to remove this privilege if your child has trouble sitting and waiting. Kirtan workshops welcome children under 13 for free and over for a fee. 

Q: What minimum age is welcomed in adult yoga classes

A: Suggested minimum age for attendees of adult classes is 12, but we trust parental judgement and also reserve the right to suggest an alternative option for your child to attend.

Q: What is Yoga?

A: Yoga is a 5,000-10,000 year old practice of finding balance in mind, body and spirit through movement.

Q: Can anyone practice yoga?

A: There is a yoga practice for everyone one no matter age, ability or body type. 

Q: Where can I find Bhogah Yoga classes?

A: Studio classes can be found under the Class Schedule tab and other off site events can be found under the Events and Workshop tab. 

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Contact Us

Bhogah Yoga

8 Fox Hill Dr Northford Ct 06472

(left side entrance)

Tel: 303.909.0106


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