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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

85 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved 

Brianne Barrett guides prenatal yoga teacher trainees her experience from both leading trainings and prenatal classes, her own experience of being a mother, along with a background in supporting expecting mothers with labor doula and lactation education support.  This training stands above the rest with the level of depth of study in the field of prenatal yoga through the 3 trimesters of pregnancy and the vital 3 months following labor, also considered the "4th trimester". Students are thoroughly instructed in the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant mother's changing body so that they can safely guide her in yoga asanas throughout her pregnancy. This method also combines the very important aspect of encouraging the developing bond between Mother and baby.

Because expecting moms often attend traditional yoga classes, every yoga instructor should consider this training.  Other non-yoga instructors are welcome to register for this program if they have an interest and are also a birth professional, a mother or mother-to-be, or similar.   
If you are a mother, a health care professional, a labor doula, or a yoga instructor this training will give you all the tools you need in understanding and teaching prenatal yoga.  Attendees of this training will be fully certified at the end of the course and ready to help expecting mother’s have their best pregnancy.  This training is Yoga Alliance approved and follows their standards.


Content covered:
Background of prenatal yoga
Techniques for teaching specific for each trimester

Asana, Pranayama, Meditation for pregnancy including benefits and reason for use
Anatomy and Physiology for both mom and baby through pregnancy and postpartum period including aspects of both the physical systems, as well as, the energetic systems
Philosophy, Life Style, Ethics of Yoga as they apply to Prenatal Yoga
Creating a prenatal yoga class with specifics focuses

Teaching prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga and mom and baby yoga
Prenatal Partner Yoga

Essentials Oils for Prenatal Yoga and use
The 4th trimester (0-3 months postpartum): postnatal yoga and mom & baby yoga including baby yoga, mom and baby poses and baby massage

Creating Prenatal Yoga and birth support Workshops                                                                  

Business of Prenatal Yoga and more

Upcoming Dates @ Kamal Yoga Beijing: May 15-22, 2019

Hours:  8:30 am- 5:30 pm

Additional Hours: Observation, Co-teaching and lead teaching is scheduled separately on trainees own time line with what works best for the trainee. Several options for this are available accommodating those that may live far. All trainees have an optional 3 hours of private instruction on any training related topic with lead teacher trainer.

Marion Indiana @ Sender wellness TBA


Observations Hours done separately

Bhogah Yoga Northford Location

Dates: TBA

Mentorship Format: Available beginning anytime

Weekend Format Dates: 8/2-4, 9/13-15, 10/4-6

Hours: Fri  6-9, Sat & Sun 8:30-6

Cost: $1195 (plus CT sales Tax)

Early Bird Discount (paid in full before 8/14/18): $200

Payment plans available with a $295 deposit

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