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Learn the gift of sharing yoga with the children in your life whether your own, those you teach in a school setting or work with in your profession. You do not need to be a yoga instructor to take this class. Director, Brianne Barrett, has been leading children's yoga classes for more than 15 years. She brings her experience of working with children from various social and economic backgrounds. Brianne holds many contracts and provides in school yoga programs in Connecticut, along with private kids yoga classes, which allows for trainees to fulfill their observation and co-teaching hours. If you are a parent, a health care professional, any professional who is involved with kids, educator or a yoga instructor this training is for you.

Help children through the fun filled format of kids yoga with poses for building strong flexible bodies, offering tools to manage their daily stress, giving self regulation techniques, teaching sensory regulation practices, encouraging safe touch and communication with others, leading meditation and breathing practices and guiding postures in an age appropriate style with lessons teaching the deeper philosophy, wisdom and ancient tools using methodology that includes  kid friendly poses, partner poses games, books, crafts, songs, story and more.

Dates: TBD


Cost: Full price $2108

 Individual levels$ 699


Level 1: Teaching to Elementary Aged Children

Level 2: Teaching Yoga to tweens and Teens

level 3: Teaching Yoga to Toddlers and Preschoolers


Hours/Dates TBD


Each weekend  will Covered:

Technique Teaching children of specific ages

 Age specific class plans including activities  

 Ethics & Philosophy 

 A & P specific to children and how it differs from adults  

 Asana, Pranayama, Meditation for kids  

Partner poses

1 hour of practicum will be included in each weekend. 

each weekend will have 5 hours of practicum and a homework assignment due to receive certification of that level. 


Level 1: Teaching to include sensory regulation and integration 

Level 2: Teaching trauma sensitive kids populations

Level 3: Business of teaching kids yoga

In addition to the set weekend hours, there are required observation and co-teaching hours. These hours can be spaced out on a trainees own timeline. There are several options for fulfilling these requirements.

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