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Class Descriptions

L1: Beginner

L2: Intermediate

L3: Advanced



Gentle Yoga


A class designed to gently open tight areas of the body while strengthening muscles and reinforcing balance.  This class is supportive of people working with injuries or chronic conditions.  This practice is suitable for all.




A slow yoga class designed to teach the foundation and alignment for basic breathing and yoga poses.  This class may incorporate the use of props and walls to help students learn the proper alignment for their own body.  Students of every level will benefit from this alignment based practice.


All level Yoga


A fluid (vinyasa) class taught with basic foundational poses, alignment, and options for the beginner student and intermediate/advanced alignment options for seasoned practitioners.  A great class to begin learning deeper sequences, poses and breathing practices.


Slow Flow


Slower is stronger.  Flow, or Vinyasa, means linking breath to movement.  Slow Flow emphasizes moving with the breath with more time spent in each pose helping to create a deep and mindful space where the focus is on your experience.  Poses can be refined and strengthened without feeling rushed into the next move, next breath, or next pose.   For beginners, this takes the pressure off as they wish to challenge their practice and move to the next level.  For advanced practitioners, there is time to deepen and strengthen.  Slow Flow can be challenging. Suggestions are offered to modify poses to create a truly personal experience of meditation in motion for each individual.


Free Flow/Intermediate Yoga/L2: A dynamic yoga practice including sun salutations, creative sequencing, and poses for a well-balanced mind and body.  Students will play with arm balances and inversions at their personal level.  This practice will build heat and elevate the heart rate.


Yoga Fusion


A blended yoga practice incorporating yin postures which focus the lower back and hips, a vinyasa (fluid) yoga practice to build heat and remove toxins, and restorative poses that reduce stress by inducing the relaxation response in the body.  A great blend of a practice for all.


Yoga balance


An all-level traditional yoga class with a strong focus on strengthening the core and supporting muscles which assist in balance. The structure of the class will build toward peek balance poses with optional propping support. 


Yin Yoga


A deep practice that requires holding poses to stimulate the body's connective tissue in order to create greater flexibility.  This practice includes many hip and hamstring openers.  This is a great option for beginners and is complementary to all other styles of yoga.


Restorative Yoga


A class which uses several props to personalize each pose for the students’ specific needs. This relaxing practice incorporates pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Restorative yoga focuses on letting go of stress and creating a restful state.  Give yourself this gift of a refreshing and uplifting practice.


Prenatal Yoga


An all-level pregnancy yoga practice themed around creating a community with other expecting moms, easing the aches of the changing pregnant body and preparing for labor and birth.  This practice will be safe for all stages and pregnancy.  Moms will feel renewed and refreshed while taking time to connect with their little ones.


Mommy and Me (Baby) Yoga


A class designed around bonding with your little one which includes postnatal yoga for mom, yoga poses mom and baby practice together, baby yoga and infant massage.  This is a wonderful community to come together and share the experience motherhood with other moms and their babies.  Recommended age infant to walking.


Kids Yoga

Kids are introduced to the practices of yoga through creative play, movement, games, music, and postures.  This fun-filled class teaching children the foundation of yoga on and off the mat.  This practice is structured in a way to balance their physical, metal and sensory needs.  benefits of children's yoga include: aid in their focus, supports self-esteem, assists them with stress, build confidence, builds strength and flexibility and more.

Yoga for Recovery

A class which incorporates both a supportive meeting portion and moves into an accessible all level yoga practice. This class is open to all in recovery, as well as, those effected by someone else's recovery. This class is by donation. Suggested donation is $5. 


Family Yoga

This fun-filled class is a silly way to enjoy yoga with your family.  Suitable for parents, grandparents, caregivers, aunt, uncles and children alike.  The yoga practice will play taught with many kids yoga components and parents will be encouraged to let their inner child out.  In our experience children, age 4 and above enjoy this class best, yet all ages are welcome.




This meditation class will vary in styles that are taught.  Each class will include instruction as well as mediation practice and discussion. 


Tigress Practice


A practice offered once per month designed for yoga instructors or seasoned practitioners. This practice will include deeper instructions on asana, pranayama, and meditation, as well as, look to build a Sangha. Instructors may vary. 

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