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200 Yoga Teacher Training

Begin your journey inward on a path of exploration and connection to your own truth and light. A 200 hour yoga teacher training is an opportunity to deepen your personal yoga practice and study the wider spectrum of what the practice of yoga entails.

Content Covered:

Overview and History of Yoga

108 Asanas (postures) including benefits, contraindications, modifications and more

8 specific meditation techniques and how to teach them

8 pranayama (breathing) practices and methodology of teaching

Classic Sequences

Teaching styles and variations in teaching


Study of the Yoga Sutras

General western A & P of major muscles and bones

Eastern A & P: Chakras, Koshas, Gunas, Doshas

Marmas (hand gestures)

Bandhas (internal locks)

Business of Yoga

Ethics of Yoga

Cost: $2950 plus Ct sales tax

Early Bird Price: $2700 plus Ct sales tax if paid in full by 12/15/18

Payment plan available with a $500 deposit

Traditional format Hours: Fridays 6-9, Saturday and  Sunday 8:30-6

CT Training meets for meets 7 weekends and has 7 tele-classes which are 3 hours each.

Mentorship Format: Specific to individual trainees

CT location :Tentative 2019 Mentorship format starting December 2019

Marion IN Training Dates: 2019 N/A

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